Financial Figures

“Revenue Is Vanity, Profit Is Sanity, but Cash Is King.”

Financial Progress of Bank During the Last 5 Years

Daivadnya Bank releases it’s financial related information through this section
(Rs in Lakhs)

Number of Members69637182748676867903
Share Capital259.44292.39335.97 357.00396.91
Reserve & Other Funds779.14862.97924.021000.131131.12
Deposit (Rs)13326.1414424.29 16020.7516687.0017906.39
Advances (Rs)7246.207743.768388.7110209.4211626.22
Working Capital (Rs)14831.58160314.3817745.3218529.42 19970.45
Net Profit (Rs)96.0284.0296.27114.87136.42
Dividend Declared13%11%11%10%11%

Annual Reports

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Daivadnya Bank
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